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Focus is important to be successful. The focus determines what you are good at and where you want to improve. Focus determines your choices. In areas such as personnel policy, training of craftsmanship, the competences we want to be excellent, the decisive processes, our innovation roadmap, services and investments.

The focus that VDL ETG projects has, is based on the people in our organization, our past experience, the successes we have achieved and last but not least the opportunities we want to use.

Six areas where we already have a track record and want to improve and become number one. But also six areas that are complement to each other, where cross-fertilization is essential and knowledge is developed and experience is used.

Science & Technology

Together with knowledge institutes and development partners we develop and pioneering innovations. The focus of VDL ETG Projects in these partnerships is on the industrialization, production and system integration of the complex mechatronic systems or machines. machines.

The segment supports for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), with multiple motors, sensors and a controlled accuracy of a few nanometers is a good example. In the collaboration with TNO and NOVA, ESO has awarded this prestigious astronomy contract to VDL. This is a great reward for the Dutch high-tech industry. For VDL ETG Projects it is the next step for even more complex mechatronic systems.


VDL ETG Projects has developed and built several applications in recent years, in which the customer has the process application knowledge and VDL ETG Projects has the relevant mechatronic knowledge and professional disciplines to develop and produce an industrially feasible machine.

Characteristic within this knowledge area is that the machines operate in a complex environment in which a web or sheet operation takes place with a deposition process. Different layers are deposited on the substrate. Examples are Solar CIGS and sALD.

These processes are characterized by a continuous roll to roll process (R2R) or a discontinuous sheet to sheet process (S2S).

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Robotica Robotics has been a technology for many years that is being used in mechanization. VDL ETG Projects has already done several implementations.

Within the VDL group there is a lot of knowledge at several companies. This as an integrator, as a user, as well as in the field of innovations together with universities. This knowledge, experience and the actual trend of lacking labor is for VDL ETG Projects the reason to invest in flexible workplaces with robotics and autonomous systems.

High Speed Product HandlingProduct handling is the roots of VDL ETG Projects with many successful installations of one-off projects. Despite the fact that in recent decades there has been a lot of mechanization, there is still a great need for costreduction and consistent quality.

Also OEM suppliers who want to offer more and more with their product portfolio need that mechanisation knowledge and experience although it is not their primary process. For VDL ETG Projects it is.

Web Handling & Converting

Over the years, VDL ETG Projects has built different complex applications with a web handling device. This has resulted in a lot of experience. Just as important, is having a wide range of solutions and knowledge about their performance. This is essential for developing a machine or module with a web.

Equipment OEM

With the competencies that exist within VDL ETG Projects we can support many machine or equipment builders. A machine builder will recognize with us all the facets he needs in his complete process. Having all professional disciplines, including software developers, in company counters and mechanics with experience in installing machines around the world, makes it possible to provide turnkey support.

Besides building, we also want to be the partner to innovate, improve together, reduce the costs or reduce the lead times.

D4B9E11B-070A-4F92-B871-DD7D54AB3707.jpegFor the development and assembly of medical equipment or the production of medical consumables, ISO 13485, the MDR and the V model in the development are a minimum requirement.

What you really need is solid Program and Project Management and a quality-driven organization with specialists with in-depth knowledge. That way you guarantee a successful project.

Every application is slightly different, f.e. a mouth mask, an application in the operating theater or, if possible, an invasive application. VDL ETG Projects does not claim to be a specialist in these area’s, but does have the above mentioned ingredients in order to develop and build new products together with our partners.

Being a preferred supplier for established companies is the proof of the pudding.

Focus VDL ETG Projects

“Processes are needed, but the people who use them are decisive”

Rob Brands, Manager Support Office 

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“Just having the three processes ensures that we can help customers much better. Because of that mix we just have a lot more knowledge, really great"

Jelmer Voerman, sales manager.

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"We think flow is important, the WIP as low as possible, that is what we focus on"

Han de Voogt, Manager Operations.

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"Within project management, the process of NPI, New product Introduction, is often leading"

Marco van Schaik, Project- en Programmanager.

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“We would like to improve products or processes at customers, innovate together and be successful. That is our motivation”

Richard Zoeteweij, Sales Director.

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