3 processes under 1 roof

VDL ETG Projects has a lot of knowledge and experience with developing and building machines, including commissioning and installation, anywhere in the world. These experiences, knowledge and skills have resulted in a professional project organization, in which prototypes, small series and also volume can be produced for a wide range of customers.

Today it is not just machines, it varies from small modules, mechatronic systems, complete devices or machines to a complex production line with multiple systems. We are rightly a Turn Key System Integrator.

We distinguish three types of processes within VDL ETG Projects, which have ensured that we have acquired a unique set of competences and knowledge. On that foundation our services have developed with the focus on entering into long-term relationships

The roots of VDL ETG Projects is the development and construction of production mechanization machines and lines, often to move products at high speeds between stations where complex operations are carried out.

Many successfull and impressive installations at well known companies endorse the knowledge and expertise of VDL ETG Projects. A good example is a curing oven for making sanitary napkins.


The competences within VDL ETG Projects have developed over the years at a high level, by developing and building a large variety of machines and mechatronic modules.

Building machines, especially in an Engineering to Order (EtO) environment, are continuously subject to changes, including the implementation of customization. Flexibility, decisiveness, involvement and craftsmanship throughout the organization is essential for this. These capacities are extremely suitable for supporting customers with machines that are built in small series.

Our knowledge from "one-off mechanization projects" and that of the quality-driven "high level system integration" ensure a flexible and reliable process, which means that commissioning and testing is at a higher level than a customer would expect from us. Possible optimization or rework therefore takes place at our location. We want a machine team to deliver a machine as effectively as possible at the location of a customer. That is our priority number 1.

This activity can best be illustrated with the production of almost 1000 segment supports for the main mirror of the European Extreme Large Telescope (E-ELT).
Producing complex mechatronic systems in larger volumes also means an organization that belongs to it, with the right resources, people, logistics, but also with VDL ETG Projects maximum automation.

Automation in the process, with the right information at the right time, verification and registration. Also automation in tracking and tracing and functional data collection.

Within this environment of "volume production" we aim for maximum and flexible robotisation. Constant quality and the actual desire to use the advantages of smart industry or industry 4.0.

Our other processes, "one-off" & "low volume-high mix", provide competences that make it possible to switch quickly in NPI processes. With the steps of a prototype and start-up series we can quickly and effectively regulate a volume process. The focus in projects is on functional complexity.

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