VDL ETG Projects is continuously looking for the best technical solutions to enable our customers business. On a daily basis we are involved in the application and development of the latest technical opportunities with a view to strengthening our position in a competitive global market. In that process, we view innovation as an essential element of our policy, based on the principles of creativity, daring and craftsmanship.

Enabling product & process innovation

Increasingly, VDL ETG Projects is involved at an early stage in co-developing their products, together with their clients. We can offer added value by employing our knowledge in the field of materials, production, assembly and supply chain management. The shift is taking us from ‘build to print’ and ‘build to specifications’ via ‘build to requirements’ (by adding additional specifications and solutions) until we eventually arrive at ‘build to roadmap’ (full service through to manufacture including innovations added for the client).

Investment in the future

In 2019, VDL Groep invested 162 million euro in research & development. At VDL, last year a total of 956 employees were involved in R&D-related activities. VDL Groep is the 8th most innovative company in the Netherlands, according to the R&D Top 30 companies for 2020, published by the magazine Technisch Weekblad(Top 30 Company R&D 2020).

Brainport Eindhoven region

VDL ETG Projects is located in Eindhoven, Noord Brabant. This top technology region Brainport Eindhoven is an excellent home base for our company. Here, together with educational institutions, government organisations and other businesses, we are able to create high-tech products and projects. We cooperate uniquely with a number of our clients, a process in which as a ground-breaking supplier we are able to work on the most innovative technologies, on the basis of open innovation.



VDL ETG Projects Innovation

“Processes are needed, but the people who use them are decisive”

Rob Brands, Manager Support Office 

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“Just having the three processes ensures that we can help customers much better. Because of that mix we just have a lot more knowledge, really great"

Jelmer Voerman, sales manager.

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"We think flow is important, the WIP as low as possible, that is what we focus on"

Han de Voogt, Manager Operations.

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"Within project management, the process of NPI, New product Introduction, is often leading"

Marco van Schaik, Project- en Programmanager.

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“We would like to improve products or processes at customers, innovate together and be successful. That is our motivation”

Richard Zoeteweij, Sales Director.

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